Behind every horse/rider combination…there is a support team.

Cloud’s Vet: Cloud’s vet and dentist is Dr. Andrea McGowan of Lake Shore Equine Services. While he had a different vet during my college years, Andrea has always been his #1 vet. I can’t say enough good things about her. She is knowledgeable, kind, patient, dedicated, and fun.

Cloud’s Farrier: Cloud’s farrier is another dedicated professional. Joe Gnaster has been Cloud’s farrier since 2007. Cloud used to be a very easy horse for shoeing, but a decline in the quality of his hooves and the complication of arthritis has made him a challenge for shoeing in recent years. Joe knows my horse’s feet inside and out, and takes as much time as it takes to get Cloud’s shoes on right. Joe goes home after shoeing Cloud expecting me to update him on how Cloud adjusts to his new shoes – if I don’t, he worries and eventually calls me. You don’t get much more dedicated than that! Please feel free to contact me for his contact information!

Cloud’s Boarding Stable: In my time with Cloud, we have been to many a boarding stable. For the most part, our moves have been a result of Cloud moving with me to and from college and grad school. Cloud recently moved, hopefully permanently!, to be closer to home and to live in a higher quality boarding stable. Cloud is boarded at the beautiful Cliffwood Farm in Richmond, Illinois. Although we have only been here a short time, it has every amenity I could possibly want in a boarding stable. The facilities are beautiful and the care goes above and beyond what Cloud and I are used to. I hope that we have found our forever home!

Advice: Cloud and I are lucky to have a unique member of our team in the form of my best friend, Christine Olsen of Teener Thoroughbreds. Christine has been my best friend since we were very young, and we have always been horse lovers together! While our love for horses started the same, our journeys in the equine world have been very different. While I have been a one-horse hobby owner, Christine has made a career out of horses and riding. Currently she works with several horses individually, and is constantly finding OTTBs homes when their racing careers are over. It is a clear labor of love! For Cloud and I, Christine serves as a resource….she is a wealth of knowledge that she is always willing to share. I admire her dedication to horses, especially thoroughbreds!

Small Animal Vet: I must give a non-horse shout out to my family’s small animal veterinarian, Dr. Edin Mehanovic of Wonder Lake Veterinary Clinic in Wonder Lake, IL. Sadly, I recently had to put my 5 year old Westie, Winnie, to sleep (see her blog entry), but I will never forget the care and compassion that I was shown during my last hours with Winnie. I know that when the time comes for me to love another dog (or dogs), I will always choose Dr. Mehanovic as my small-animal vet!


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